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​Number of bedrooms: 4

Number of bathrooms: 4

Size: 3,107square feet

​Lot Size: 1,100

Price: $1,500,000.00

MLS# 21-3796

​Number of bedrooms: 5

Number of bathrooms: 3.5

Size: 3,604square feet

​Lot Size: 863

Price: $1,320,000.00

MLS# 21-3392

​Number of bedrooms: 5

Number of bathrooms: 3.5

Size: 4,186square feet

​Lot Size: 690

Price: $1,280,000.00

MLS# 21-3170



Melanie Guerrero, Corporate Broker

Michael Castro, Co-Owner

Kenneth Guerrero, Asst Prop/Field Manager

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Melanie Guerrero,

Corporate Broker
Background:  Business Degree Graduate from the University of Maryland. Over 17 years practicing Realtor on Guam. Born and lived here my whole life.  Started from the very bottom of the rat race in 2005, working hard to build clientele and community trust while understanding my client's real estate needs, including the real estate business itself to help me acquire the knowledge, skills, and expertise I have today.  My goal is always to maximize my client's investments to ensure long-term profitability and satisfaction in our service from start to completion because I value every client individually.

Michael Jose Castro, Co-Owner/Asst Property Manager/VP (In Loving Memory 11-3-1993 - Undeclared)
Background:  Michael started his Real Estate Career in August of 2015.  He was very involved in the purchase and acquisition of real estate properties, until his untimely disappearance and confirmed death by homicide in October 2021.  He will always be remembered in our hearts for his passion for real estate and by all the people he helped while working in the industry.  Our hearts will miss his potential, and the loss of this young man who left behind a 9-year-old daughter, and a future robbed forever.

Kenneth R. Guerrero,
Asst Property/Field Manager

Background:  Retired GDOE in March 2021, with an additional 15 years in the private sector working for companies in sales.  Now working in property management and field service work allows me the privilege of helping real estate owners and clients.  In my spare time, I also provide lawn care services, while pursuing a sales career in real estate, currently studying to become a Realtor.  I have 3 biological adult children and I am looking forward to learning and growing in the Real Estate Business and making it my next career.

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