Meet The Team

Melanie Guerrero

Corporate Broker

Realtor Since: Jan 2005


Telephone: 671-989-6886

Cell: 671-688-6357

Michael Jose Castro

Asst. Property Manager

Since: August 2015

Telephone: 671-989-6886

About Us

"Holding the Key to Helping You Make Smarter Property Choices"

We are a full-Service Real Estate Company. 


We specialize in all areas of Real Estate because we believe in helping people not just on a higher scale but from the bottom to the top of the markets.  We have over 15 years of working experience in the Real Estate Industry with an additional 25 years in fieldwork and training working with people from all diverse backgrounds. 


We understand people, we have the patience and knowledge to handle all types of personalities.  Real Estate is a big decision whether you are renting, buying or investing, or having us manage your property, every transaction must be handled professionally to ensure that you've made the right decisions for the long-term. 


Working with an Agent who is knowledgeable about the area and the Island, you can be confident because our Corporate Broker is from Guam.  Our management team reviews and provides feedback on every transaction coming through our office.

We are people-driven and adapt to client's needs when identifying a property that is best for them.  We are growing our network of people we call our friends and family.   


Going beyond the move-ins and closings we provide additional services by checking in every now and then to ensure our Tenants, our homeowner, our investors are doing well after the transactions close.  Our teams extend outside our Company in cooperation with our network of hundreds of Licensed trained Realtors on Guam, who assist us daily. 


Dependability, Reliability, Loyalty, Commitment, Honesty, are important core values practiced by our Team, working with you and building a strong foundation as you begin your search into property ownership or other areas of Real Estate Services we offer.

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